Can be moved around easily thanks to its built-in battery! It can also be used anywhere in medical or care facilities.

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    Carefort COLON

    New Product Compact Version

  • Developed using funds provided by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) for the development of practical assistive technologies.
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For use in small spaces or small facilities.
Introducing the new compact “Carefort COLON”!
The new Carefort COLON was developed in response to feedback received regarding previous versions of Carefort COLON, such that it is too large to use and that such a large device is unnecessary unless disposing of large amounts of diapers.
Despite its compact size, the new Carefort COLON features the same performance as previous models in sealing in both bacteria and viruses, as well as odors.


Sanitarily seals in bacteria, viruses and odors

Sealed packing without openings
using specialized and highly airtight packing tape!

Cut portion  Clamped and sealed using rollers (gears). Side portion  Sealed using enhanced pressure application.

Specialized packing tape
A special adhesive is applied to the surface of a special film that locks in odors so that both sheets of the packing tape instantly adhere to each other.
  • Approximately 1/2 using odor sensor comparisons
    Carefort’s score during odor sensor comparisons was approximately 1/2 that of regular garbage bags. (Levels of 200 and under cannot be detected by humans.)

    *This value was arrived at during testing by our company and is not a guaranteed value.

  • Both sides of the packing tape adhere to each other
    Once the packing tape is sealed, it can’t be easily peeled even if pulled.
  • Does not adhere to diapers
    Because the packing tape only adheres to other packing tape and does not adhere to waste packed inside, diapers can be easily sampled later if necessary, such as during subsequent examinations.

Easy to operate!

Operation is easy using Auto-mode as diapers can just be inserted and pulled out!

  • 1

    Insert diaper

    Adult diapers can be packed at a rate of 1 per 1.5 seconds!

    Easy! Equipped with an Auto-mode so that diapers can just be inserted
    Used diapers are automatically packed just by being inserted into the receptacle. (In the case of Auto-mode 2/Auto-mode 3)
  • 2

    After packing, just cut and remove

    Clean and safe even with bare hands!

    Clean and safe even with bare hands and continuous packing with no waste
    Because bacteria, viruses and odors are packed away,
    removal can be performed safely even with bare hands.

Carefort selectable modes

Normal mode In this mode, packing and cutting are performed while the button is pressed.
Auto-mode 1 Both packing and cutting can be started with one touch for simple operation.
Auto-mode 2 Diapers are automatically packed once inserted and can be cut at the desired timing.
Auto-mode 3 Both packing and cutting are fully automated. This mode is simple as diapers can just be inserted and then pulled out.

Usage Scenarios

  • scene 01

    Using immediately after changing diapers
    Because the Carefort can be used by being moved to bedsides or near rooms when changing diapers, improvements to the environment in hallways or the entire floor can be made.
  • scene 02

    Using in a stationary location
    Carefort can also be used in a stationary location such as waste disposal rooms or changing rooms/restrooms. This can contribute to preventing the dispersion of odors from diaper storage locations and improve the overall working environment.

Product Specifications

  CarefortCarefort Carefort COLONCarefort COLON
Model No. EMY-4555B EMY-3530B
Device dimensions 440×585×900 mm (W×D×H) (Depth is 698 mm including handles) 440×485×900 mm (W×D×H) (Depth is 598 mm including handles)
Weight 39 kg (not including packing tape) 38 kg (not including packing tape)
Power supply Built-in battery. Continuous operating time: 6 hours (no load operation), Charging time: Normally 4 hours Built-in battery. Continuous operating time: 6 hours (no load operation), Charging time: Normally 4 hours
Safety (1) Start condition confirmation (2) Emergency stop switch (3) Upper cover pressing (1) Start condition confirmation (2) Emergency stop switch (3) Upper cover pressing


Dust bar/dust bag  This bag is used for holding packed diapers. Folding table  This table is convenient for temporarily placing items necessary for changing diapers, such as disinfectant, gauze, and scales, etc. Mesh bar  Used for hanging baskets using hooks, etc.

*The above options cannot
be used for Carefort COLON

Product Introduction Video

  • Product Introduction Video for Carefort COLON

    Product Introduction Video for Carefort COLON

  • Introduction of Carefort

    Introduction of Carefort


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